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About us

Our main goal is to help the world and our communities by donating a portion of each greet purchase to Worldwide non-profit organizations and crowdfunding campaigns.

The GreetClub is a mobile app and the new world’s destination for fans to request personal video greetings from their favorite personalities like Celebrities, Artist, Influencers, Athletes, and much more. The GreetClub empowers public figures to communicate directly with fans and to share happiness, love, motivation and gratitude with a personal direct video message such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation wishes or any other special occasion. We contribute to human progress by empowering people to get inspired, surprised, motivated and live everyday to the fullest. Greetclub is available worldwide on iOS and Android.

Worldwide Nonprofit organizations Partnerships

We encourage celebrities to support worldwide Non-profit organizations and crowdfunding campaigns. Therefore, we decided to partner with worldwide charities and foundations that support us.

App Features

We integrated the best features to get the top user experience

Our company is focused on meeting the exact needs of the customers and celebrities. Top user-pleasing features for example: Push Notifications, Social Media integration, Easy Navigation, Mobile Payment Gateway Integration, Feedback System, Personalized Experiences, Search Options, Security, Simplicity and Support.

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